Nigerian musicians getting famous abroad

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Traditionally so called “world music” has had its followers in western countries, providing many African artists opportunities to tour other continents, yet remaining niche artists outside their home markets. Over years, numerous African artist that have made name all over world, Ali Farka Toure, Fela Kuti, Miriam Makeba, and Youssou N’Dour, to name few. Not mainstream, but still well recognised artists. These represent older generations of musicians, many of whom have passed away. They are being replaced by new generation of musicians, performing modern music styles. Most popular of them tend to come from Nigeria.

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Pope tours Africa, but Dalai Lama won’t be visiting anytime soon

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Pope Francis has been on African tour this week, getting an ecstatic welcome by Kenyans and Ugandans, as both countries have large Catholic population, as well as other Christian denominations.

An African visit by another notable religious leader, Dalai Lama, seems much less likely nowadays. That has nothing to with religion, nor the fact that few Buddhists live in Africa. It is all about politics, namely Chinese influence in Africa. China will strongly oppose any attempts by Dalai Lama to visits China’s partner states in Africa. These countries, largely dependent on China-relations, will most likely heed to the Chinese advise.

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Here we are!

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Our long-planned blog is finally becoming a reality with this very first post!

So what this blog about? As the name suggests it is about Africa (mainly Sub-Saharan), covering themes like travel, business and culture (that’s a quite broad range in fact!). We provide traveller & expat viewpoint, with experience in several countries. Big masses may never find this site, and that’s not its aim either, but if any traveller will find it helpful we’d be more than glad.

This blog was started for the love of the continent, but yet our all too common “this is africa” frustration won’t be spared! In the meantime this blog will see only sporadic posts, but activity may increase in the future, time permitting.