South Africa xenophobic attacks

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The attacks against foreigners in South Africa have been on the news last few days. South Africa has a high unemployment rate and large pool of unskilled youth looking for jobs. Understandably they don’t like if jobs are taken by foreigners, regardless if illegal immigrants or not. Anti-immigration sentiments are a commonplace all over the world, not only South Africa, just see any recent election result in Europe where parties with anti-immigration agendas are flying high. However, the violent nature of xenophobia in South Africa make the picture much nastier.

People should always look on the other side of the coin. The fact that South Africa has attracted large numbers of immigrants from over the continent tells about the influence South Africa has. South African products, retail- and restaurant chains are seen all over Southern African countries, and to lesser degree elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa.

I would say the ubiquitous presence of South African businesses in SADC countries creates huge number of jobs in South Africa itself, and plenty of jobs for South Africans in other countries. In this context is seems perfectly fair that fellow Africans get their share of jobs in South Africa.

South African music dominates all over Southern African countries. Zambian radio station Q FM has stopped playing South African Music on its airwaves as a protest recent happenings – maybe other radio stations will join them. How will South African musicians take the boycott? Will they please their local audiences by supporting xenophobic views, or do they respect their popularity abroad enough to denounce attacks on foreigners?

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